Crash Code

  • Gain Skills

    Attend weekly "Hack Nights" to collaborate with and get advice from classmates instructors and mentors.

  • Community

    Join our community of technologists and participate in events at the heart of the local tech community.

  • Micro-Degrees

    Earn your course certificate of completion for one course or complete all three levels to earn your Micro-degree to build your resume and broaden your professional skill set to stay competitive in today’s job market.

What you'll learn

At Crashcode, you’ll gain more than just the fundamentals of coding. You’ll learn industry best practices, how to use open source resources to solve problems with code, and start using industry best-practices from the very beginning.

  • Learn to use HTML, the language used to add content and structure to your website

  • Learn how to write CSS rules which format, style and arrange the content on your website

  • Learn the fundamental programming of the web including the latest es6 syntax

  • Incorporate jQuery into your website to build complex styles, animations, and features

  • Use Git and GitHub, an industry standard for tracking and collaborating on projects

  • Learn the fundamentals of responsive design, so your website scales to different screen sizes - desktop, tablet, and mobile.

What does a Crashcoder’s schedule look like?

You’ll spend two evenings per week in class learning, coding, and collaborating. You should expect that for every hour spent in class you will have to spend one hour outside the classroom working on coding challenges and your project independently to reinforce what you’ve learned. Optionally, one night per week we host community “Hack Nights” which students may use as a collaborative study hall.

6-9 PM
Hack Night
6-9 PM
6-9 PM