Crash Code

Why Crashcode?

Crashcode was created by professional software developers and founders of technology education companies. We emphasize collaboration so that you can learn to solve problems and overcome roadblocks the way great programmers do - through research and discussion with others. Whether you are looking for a career in technology, looking to work on a your own project, or simply want to try your hand at learning a new skill, the Crashcode courses and community are a great place to take your first steps and you leap into this new world.

Meet the crew

Our instructors live and breathe all aspect of software development, and will be there to guide you in your journey in the universe of code.

  • Michael McClure Managing Director

    As Founder and Managing Partner of Crashcode, he believes that digital literacy is a fundamental key in success in the job market today. With a professional background spanning the spectrum of politics, marketing and real estate and a tech entrepreneur himself, his expertise has helped him run a software consulting agency, but also specializes in strategy development, client counsel, marketing, design, recruitment and anything else in between. Michael also serves as board member for Piloto Labs, a community based non-profit organization comprised of over 15 grassroots organizations in the Puerto Rico startup and tech ecosystem that collaborate in the creation of innovative programs and activities for the next generation of Puerto Rican entrepreneurs. He also holds leadership positions as a innovation and business development advisor for several leading fin-tech and ed-tech companies. When not wearing one of his many business hats, he is most likely to be found passionately debating and enjoying time with friends and family.

  • Mary Sullivan Director of Admissions

    Mary is the Founder of MHS Communications, and serves as the account lead for Crashcode, managing all marcomms initiatives for the team. She has worked in public relations for ten years across a variety of industries, including of course, tech. Mary graduated from Fairfield University with a double major in English and Politics and a double minor in Italian Studies and Women’s Studies and is pursuing a masters from Catholic University of America. She is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master and currently reading, “Girls Who Code” (and loving it!).

  • John Bauer Instructor

    John is a full-stack JavaScript developer and UX/UI Designer. He currently works as a Product Manager at Cometa Group, a software consulting agency. John builds websites, apps, and everything in between, and loves to share his passion with others through teaching.

  • Christopher Hughey Community Manager

    Christopher has a degree in Mathematics with an emphasis on education from the University of Colorado Boulder. At Crashcode he is responsible for student outreach, ensuring they have the support they need to reach their goals. He is on the tennis court as much as possible, reads whenever he can, and often tries to convince people that math is actually interesting.

  • Salvatore Formisano Instructor & Mentor

    Salvatore started worked as a software engineer for clients and companies of all sizes across Italy, England, Canada, and the US. He now runs operations and manages accounts in Italy and Europe for Cometa Group. He also helps foster the local tech scene by helping to organise events and speaking at local schools to find students interested in internships and to get more people interested in programming. When he’s not doing any of that, he loves playing guitar, tennis, writing and experimenting with new technologies. He’s also learning to play drums and has been known to spend far too much money on premium sound equipment.

  • Antonio Mastellone Mentor

    Antonio is one of our most trusted mentors. He is passionate about technology and has been since he was a kid. He started programming when he was still a teenager and never looked back, joining Salerno University and then soon after graduating, his career as a freelance web developer. In addition to working with a wide range of clients over the course of his professional career, he previously was also an IT manager. He adds, “Above all I love working on Unix like environments.” Spoken like a true programmer.

  • Stephanie Hillebrand Marketing Manager

    Steph is our marketing guru and makes sure to keep everyone updated as to what is going on in the tech communities we are a part of. She graduated from Babson College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and has worked as a Project Manager for software development projects at Cometa Group for 3 years. Outside of work you can find her planning her next adventure, reading a book, or binge-watching Netflix on the weekends.

  • Ted Yang Mentor & Board Member

    Ted Yang has founded eight startups with his first, eTechTransfer, winning the Wharton Business Plan competition of 2000. He is a founder of the Stamford Innovation Center – an entrepreneurial hub. Previously, he held numerous leadership positions at banks and Hedge Funds including Deputy CTO of Tudor and Bridgewater Associates. Ted is an MIT Engineer and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NPR and Fox Business News. He is an active angel investor, advisor to multiple VC and PE firms, is Chairman of the board of Connex International and sits on several other boards including ChemPacific Corporation and non-profits. A lively and entertaining speaker, Ted has spoken at entrepreneurial events at locations such as MIT, Wharton, Babson, Columbia and Fairfield Business Schools.

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